We are proud to have the endorsement of the following leaders, organizations and unions:

Greater Kansas City AFL-CIO
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 124
American Federation of Teachers
Missouri State Teachers Association
Missouri National Educators Association
Committee for County Progress
Greater Kansas City Women’s Political Caucus
Heavy Construction Local 663
MOLLI’s List
Sheet Metal Workers Local 2
AFSCME Local 3160
International Association of Fire Fighters Local 42
Taxpayers Unlimited
Raytown Democratic Association
Freedom, Inc.
Avalon View Homes Association
Ruskin Heights Homes Association
Ruskin Hills Homes Association
State Sen. Shalonn “KiKi” Curls
State Rep. Mike Talboy
State Rep. Gail McCann Beatty
State Rep. Kevin McManus
State Rep. Jay Swearingen
The Honorable Paul Levota
The Honorable Fred Arbanas
State Rep. Judy Morgan
The Honorable Theresa Garza Ruiz
The Honorable Scott Burnett
Councilman John Sharp
Councilwoman and Mayor Pro-Tem Cindy Circo

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